the swingwater perspective

The nature of Spey casting and swinging flys in moving water is beautifully ever changing and dynamic. Inherently, an educator of the cast & swing must be fluid and adaptive yet stay guided into a common result. Every Spey Angler is different and we understand that as Spey guides, the constructs of our instruction can not be rigid enough to assume one style works with everyone. The ability to adapt based off the individual is our way to create success in the angler. 

Our guiding techniques are steeped in tradition, yet we teach in the fore front of evolution and utilize our current resources. We understand the performance of our fishing tools related to the unique traits of each Angler and teach accordingly. Our swing methods are based off situational angling and understanding where we are.

 We go at this with intelligence. We understand we have not arrived and nor will we ever. Our humble baseline is thousands of days on these rivers we guide and watching millions of Spey casts and Fly presentations.

As a guide service we prioritize teaching the outcomes of our experience. Swingwater isn’t a part time group of swing guys. We swing flys 100% of the time we are guiding. You wont find us doing “combo” trips. We guide the Spey rod and swing it because that is what we love to do!