mainstem Trinity River

Spey Fishing Guide

Experience the beauty of the mainstem Trinity River

Not everyone can say they’ve had a great Steelhead river to grow up on, live with and learn from. The Trinity is just that river for Swingwater. We aren’t sure anyone spends as many days lurking the bottom half of the Trinity River, trying to move fish with a Spey rod as we do, but if there are, we haven’t met them. The days we spend here are many!

The main stem Trinity River (Hoopa River) is the mighty Klamath rivers longest tributary. It also holds on average, a much larger hotter fish then the Klamath. 365 days a year you can be at some point or another on the Trinity and expect to see an anadromous fish that is worth swinging a fly to. The Trinity holds wild Steelhead, both resident/anadromous German Brown trout and wild Chinook salmon. We target all three species! Some species are encountered with more success then others of course.

The main draw is the wild Steelhead no doubt. From September through April and a few short windows in between, we will be stalking these fish. Spey rods. long, dry lines, Muddlers, and irons are surely the game.

In large part, we focus most of our efforts from Big Flat, down! The middle/lower Trinity has swing runs that are bighger and better. Rarely do we see bobber traffic and the fish are much higher quality. There are however “shoulder seasons” higher on the Trinity. Targeting species other then just Steelhead up there is definitely a thing. Return clients usually reserve those trips, as they are limited spots and short windows.