January 21, 2021


This website will take the position of active ramblings from a Spey guru detailing info with ongoing threads of Spey fishing reports in northern California, In depth  instructional’s on the Spey cast, fly presentation techniques, fly selection and fly tying. In depth explanations on Spey line systems, what they are, what to use, when to use them and the differences between them. 

From time to time I will give my natural opinion on subjects within the fly fishing (spey) and Steelhead world that I feel “should” be addressed but some how never get brought up! These topics will be sure to take an organic route of being extra spicy and interesting at the least. You have my word that im doing my best to create Spey content that is new, practical and (hopefully) easy to understand. The goal here is to help you evolve as a Spey Angler and Steelheader.

To point a couple things out, I believe in the power of opinion and good idea. So the things I write about represent my experience as to what logically makes sense as a Spey guide, Spey casting instructor and Steelheader of over 15 years. These things are what work for me and my anglers. They are facts. They are ideas. And they are opinions. All which matter. So thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you get something out of all this to put into your abundant toolbox. 

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