Why Spey?

It’s about “the process”! For the ones who choose to swing, we are the true blue hunters!

It has never been about just the fish. We are possessed by pursuit. Not just pursuit of fish, the pursuit of the process that comes with swinging a fly with a Spey rod.

We know the odds are not stacked on our side and we accept this. We accept the pressure of not making a mistake when we get our rare chance. We believe that its acceptable to fish ourselves to a pulp for multiple days and not land a fish. We are doing it the way we want to do it and thats what its about. We know we cant make it any more of a fair fight then the swung fly. We accept our beat-downs and our ass-whoopings. Not just by fish, by the elements. But we push forward, looking for that opportunity because the process keeps us there.

In the back of our head, behind all the processing thats going on to keep our casts efficient, our fly angles right and fly speed correct, “our” chance is coming…. And when it does, nothing in the fly fishing world can equal the electricity of that moment.

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